About Skylands Ice World

Skylands Ice World is home of the Skylands Kings hockey program along with the Skylands Skating Academy & Black Diamonds Synchronized Skating Team

Welcome to Skylands Ice World

Welcome to Skylands Ice World, Home of the Skylands Kings and the Skylands Skating Academy! We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all guests. All guests shall remain respectful and courteous to their fellow patrons and to comply with requests from Arena staff regarding Arena policies, emergency response procedures and behavior which impact the event experience of fellow spectators. The Arena values the support of all guests and reserves the right to eject any guests for any reason, including not treating other guests attending the event with dignity and respect.


Our twin-sheet facility houses two NHL-size rinks, a full-service snack bar & Tim Horton’s cafe, a full-service XHockey Products pro shop, the Pro Performance Training Center, Top Tier Dance Academy, and ProVere Physical Therapy on the second level.
We are also home to the Skyland Kings, Black Diamonds Synchro Teams, Camp Skylands, Skylands Developmental League, Future Rangers and the Skyland Junior Kings of the NA3HL.


Whether you visit us for many of our hockey leagues, tournaments, skating activities, or are a first time visitor, our goal is to provide you with an experience that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Guest Policies

Our building policies are intended to ensure an enjoyable experience in a safe and comfortable environment.  If at any time our guests need to contact management during your visit, please visit the welcome desk in the front lobby or see ice attendant located outside of the Zamboni room, and the onsite manager will be happy to meet with you.


We also urge our guests and patrons to provide feedback to us following your experiences here at the facility.  You can email management at info@skylandsiceworldnj.com or call us at 973-697-1600.


Alcoholic Beverage Policy: All patrons in the building under the legal drinking age of 21 and suspected of being under the influence of alcohol will be taken to the main office, ejected from the building, and the proper authorities will be notified for proper advisement.


Animals: Animals are not permitted in Skylands Ice World. Exceptions include guide, therapy, sign and signal dogs to aid Guests with disabilities.


Automated Teller Machine (ATM):  For your convenience, there is an ATM Machine located in the front lobby adjacent to the front desk.  Additional Fees may apply.


Banners and Flags: Banners and flags are prohibited from being hung or fastened in Skylands Ice World without express consent of building management.  Hand held signs no larger than 2’x3′ are permitted but must meet the following criteria:

  • Signs cannot be distasteful in nature or content
  • Signs cannot obstruct the view of Guests
  • Signs cannot be attached to sticks or poles
  • Individual events have the right to revoke this policy without prior notification.


Disorderly Conduct: Guests who fail to abide by Arena policies, state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Guests in violation of Arena policy will be asked to correct their behavior, if they fail to do so in a timely fashion ejection will occur.


Ejections: Disruptive and problem Guests should be reported to an usher or event staff personnel immediately. Ejected Guests must vacate Skylands Ice World property.


Elevators: Public elevators are located at the West Side of the Arena. The main elevator is located next to the front stairwell and is accessible to the main and upper level of the Arena.


Firearms / Weapons: Guests are prohibited from bringing weapons into Skylands Ice World.


First Aid: The first aid station is located on the main level at the front desk. Trained medical personnel are on staff for Friday night JAM event and Kings Home Games and when on duty are available to those needing assistance.


Food and Beverage: As part of our public safety policy, guests are not permitted to bring their own food and beverage items to any event at Skylands Ice World.  A variety of food and beverage items are available for purchase from the concession stand, and vending machines throughout the Arena during events and activities.


Cameras and Recording Devices: The permitted use of cameras shall vary by event. Cameras with professional lenses and flash attachments are prohibited.  Digital cameras are permitted, while recording devices, both audio and visual are not permitted within Skylands Ice World. Cameras will be permitted during all Kings and Skylands Skating Academy Events within Skylands Ice World conditions.


Guest Attire: In order to uphold our status as a first-class youth sports facility, proper attire, including shirt and shoes are required of all guests attending events and activities at Skylands Ice World.  Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone it deems dressed inappropriately.


Guest Behavior: Skylands Ice World encourages all guests and patrons to show enthusiasm with energetic cheering during our events.  However, individual behavior must be bound by law and the rights of others to enjoy their experience here in the facility. Guest behavior cannot offend other patrons or be abusive towards the players, officials, and performers.  Arena staff reserves the right to eject patrons whose behavior impinges on the ability of our other guests to enjoy their experience.  Please notify Arena personnel or event security immediately if any such problem occurs.


Intoxicated Guests: Intoxicated Guests are not admitted into Skylands Ice World at any time. If you see an intoxicated person enter Skylands Ice World, please contact building security or management.  Intoxicated Guests are subject to ejection from the event.


Lost and Found: Items found before, during, or after an event should be turned into the Front Desk. Items will then be turned into security and kept securely in the front office (973-697-1600) for 30 days. Items may be donated to charity or disposed of at the discretion of management after 30 days.


Panhandling/Soliciting: Panhandling is not allowed on Skylands Ice World property. If you observe anyone panhandling in Skylands Ice World, please contact building or event security.


Search and Prohibited Items: For the safety and protection of our guests, athletes and performers, Skylands Ice World has enhanced security procedures for all events and activities.  The policies are intended to provide a safer, more enjoyable environment for fans.

Prohibited Items include but are not limited to:

  • Alcoholic beverages, controlled or unlawful substances and controlled substance paraphernalia
  • Items which could be used as weapons, such as firearms, knives, chains, and spiked jewelry
  • Cans, bottles (glass or plastic) or coolers
  • Outside food or beverage
  • Laser pointers and pens, pepper spray and mace
  • Noisemakers such as air horns, fireworks, frisbees, balls, and other projectiles
  • Any other items deemed unacceptable by the event or building management

Guests found in possession of contraband items will be subject to expulsion from the facility and the contraband items confiscated.

Skylands Ice World does not provide storage for any confiscated baggage, so visitors should leave these items at home or in a secured area prior to arrival at the Arena.


Solicitation/Vending: Skylands Ice World does not permit vending, soliciting or collecting contributions of any purpose, the distribution or displaying of promotional materials on the premises without express consent of building management.  If observed soliciting, vending or displaying or distributing promotional materials on the premises, management will ask that you discontinue or leave.  Other legal actions will be taken if necessary.


Wheelchair/ADA Accessibility: Skylands Ice World was designed to provide enhanced accessibility for our disabled patrons. Skylands is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Our restrooms and mezzanine areas are easily accessible.  Special Wheelchair seating is available for those who require it for all sporting events and activities.  Guests who need wheelchair accessible seating or have special need requirements should contact Arena Management at 973-697-1600  prior to arrival.


Taxis: Please visit the front desk and we’ll get you home safely.

Rink Info & Facts

The Ice

Making an ice rink isn’t as simple as flooding the floor with gallons of water. The crew must apply the water carefully and slowly, in order to insure ideal thickness. An ice surface that is too thick requires more energy to keep frozen and is prone to getting soft on the top. A surface that is too thin is also dangerous because skaters risk cutting straight through the ice.

It takes between 12,000 and 15,000 gallons (45,000 to 57,000 L) to form a Hockey rink surface. The maintenance crew forms the ice in several different layers, in many steps:

  1. The crew sprays the first two layers on using a paint wand. The paint wandk creates a fine mist of water to create the first two layers, each only 1/30 of an inch thick. The first layer freezes almost immediately after it is sprayed on.
  2. Once the first layer is frozen, the crew sprays on the second layer.
  3. The crew paints the frozen second layer white with the paint wand, allowing for a strong contrast between the black hockey puck and the ice.
  4. The crew then sprays on the third layer. This layer, which is only one-sixteenth of an inch thick, acts as a sealer for the white paint. The crew paints the hockey markings (the lines, creases, face-off spots and circles) and team and sponsor logos on top of this third layer.
  5. Once the markings and logos dry, the crew gradually applies the final layer.

The crew slowly applies the remaining 10,000 gallons with a flooding hose. “We put on 500 to 600 gallons per hour until the remaining layer is complete,” says our head of facilitites. “That means 15 to 20 hours (1 hour/500-600 gallons) for that final layer. Each of those layers is allowed to freeze before we put the next 500 to 600 gallons on. The less water you put on the floor at one time, the better your ice will be.”



Maintaining the Rink

No matter how well-groomed the ice rink, the ice will eventually be cut and pitted, and dust and bugs will dull it. The ability to quickly and effectively resurface the ice is as important to skating as the development of indoor ice itself.

Skylands Ice World has two Zamboni ice-resurfacing machines.  The Zamboni ice-resurfacers that Skylands uses are powered by two propane tanks, and have V-4 Volswagen engines and four-wheel drive. Each machine provides more than 3,400 floods each year!

There are three things in life that people like to stare at: One is a rippling stream, another a fire in a fireplace, and the other is the Zamboni going around and around and around. — Charlie Brown

Ice-Resurfacing Machines

Before ice-resurfacing machines, ice rinks were resurfaced manually, using scrapers, towels, a water hose and squeegees. Resurfacing a regulation-size rink was time-consuming and labor-intensive. In the 1940s, Frank Zamboni began to experiment with building machines that would shave, scrape, wash and squeegee the ice surface all at once before putting down a fresh layer of water.

Early ice-resurfacing machines cost about $5,000 and were built by hand on war-surplus jeeps. Today, ice-resurfacing machines cost significantly more (about $55,000), are mass-produced, and every rink has at least one. Professional hockey teams routinely use two machines to cut down on the time needed to resurface the ice between periods. Most ice-resurfacing machines have a maximum speed of 9 to 10 mph (14 to 16 kph) and weigh between 5,000 and 6,000 pounds (2,300 to 2,700 kg)!

The NHL requires that two machines resurface the ice between periods Skylands uses just one at a time, but has one for each sheet of ice. The ice is resurfaced before the game/session. With one resurfacing machine, it takes 8-10 minutes to complete the floor, each making eight full passes up the ice.

The basic driving pattern is a clockwise motion of slightly overlapping ovals. The Facilities Director says that he uses 80 to 100 gallons (300 to 380 liters) of heated water between periods to resurface the ice. “With both machines, we can scrape about three-quarters of a bucket during each game.”

Most Zamboni ice resurfacers (like the one in this diagram) have a 77-inch long, 1/2-inch thick blade (A). The blade scrapes a 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch layer of ice off the ice surface. The blade runs the width of the machine and looks like a thick razor blade. The amount of ice taken off depends on the ice conditions. The rougher the ice surface (i.e., the more use it has had), the deeper the blade cuts.

Just above the blade is a horizontal, rotating screw, or auger (B). The auger gathers the shaved ice, or snow, and rotates it up to a vertical auger (C), where a spinning blade picks up the moving snow and throws it into the bucket (D). The bucket can hold an amazing 2,600 pounds (or 300 gallons) of snow!

Under the bucket, there are two tanks of water, one for “washing” the ice as it’s shaved and one for making ice. As the resurfacing machine moves over the ice, the blade shaves layers of the ice off. Water from the wash-water tank (E) is pumped over to a cleaner (F) that blasts the water into the deep cuts in the ice and forces out dirt and debris. The excess water left on the ice is squeegeed off with a rubber blade (known as a towel) at the back end of the machine (G) and vacuumed up. The hot water loosens the crystal structure of the old ice underneath, so the new ice will form a solid bond with the old ice, instead of a separate layer that chips off easily.

The last step is to resurface the ice. Warm water from the second water tank is pumped over to the squeegee blade and spread evenly over the ice. This softens and fills in the deep cuts in the ice and helps to even out its surface.


Snow pit

After the final pass on the ice, the operator returns the machine to its garage. At this point, the snow bucket is raised and the snow is dumped into the snow pit. As the snow melts, the pit is drained.


Air Quality

To Visitors, Customers and Employees of Skylands Ice World:

The matter of indoor air quality is controversial, much discussed and vitally important. From time to time we are asked about it at our facility.  The purpose of this note is to describe the steps we have taken to address the issue and to assure you that we take air quality very seriously at Skylands Ice World.  It’s our understanding that the State of New Jersey has not mandated indoor air quality standards for ice rinks, but we maintain an environment that would easily satisfy the requirements of the most stringent state-imposed regulations.  We believe that the air inside our facility is safe.


Due to the use of the ice resurfacer to maintain a high quality ice surface, it is possible to have carbon monoxide in the rinks.  Skylands Ice World strives to reduce or eliminate carbon monoxide in order to make our arena as safe as possible for customers and staff.  The EPA has established a carbon monoxide permissible exposure level that is 35 ppm (parts per million) for an 8 – hour period and our tests reveal levels that are consistently at negligible levels.


We have done the following to reduce or eliminate carbon monoxide from the rinks:


Our ice resurfacers are fueled by propane, not gasoline, and are frequently tuned to minimize the exhaust of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.  Our resurfacers have catalytic converters which are designed to further reduce emissions.  The Zamboni ice resurfacers are warmed up in an enclosed and ventilated room so they will be at their lowest emission state when brought onto the ice.


EACH RINK IS CONSTANTLY MONITORED for Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide by sensors which are positioned where gases would be most concentrated.  Should the level of any of these gases approach levels well below the EPA threshold, the fans and louvers automatically open in the rink HVAC system and bring in fresh air.  This system was installed at the time Skylands was built.  A similar and redundant system is embedded in the dehumidifiers that we installed more than two years ago.


If you have any questions regarding the air quality in the rink please speak to our General Manager, or our Director of Operations and Maintenance.

Best Western Plus – Regency House

Best Western Plus – Regency House
140 State Route 23
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
(973) 696-6525 ext. 102 [Mary]
Special Rate: $99/night

Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn – Denville-Parsippany
350 Morris Ave
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(973) 664-1050
Special Rate: $99/night

Skylands Ice World is located at:

2765 State Hwy 23

Stockholm, NJ 07460

(Phone): 973-697-1600

(Fax): 973-208-9411

(Email): info@skylandsiceworldnj.com


When using a GPS you might need to use:

2765 New Jersey 23 or 2765 Rte (Route) 23

If you are still having difficulty with your navigation system recognizing our address, try entering: 2 Colson Terrace, Stockholm, NJ 07460 (About 200 yards from the rink)


Mailing Address:

Skylands Ice World

PO Box 710

Stockholm, NJ 07460