Drop-In Hockey

Skylands has open stick time for anybody to come in and work on your skills, as well as designated family ice time. Looking to play some pickup? We've got that too

Adult Open Hockey

$15 per player | Full equipment is required.

Adult open hockey is the traditional full ice game set up, some call it “drop in” hockey. Max 30 skaters / 4 goalies.

All players must be over 18 years of age, and not a student in high school.

Open Family Hockey

$12 per player | Full equipment is required.

Family open hockey encourages moms & dads, sons & daughters to all get out on the ice together.

Stick & Puck

$12 per player | Full Face Protection required for under 18.

Stick & Puck is one of most popular hockey events during the week. It creates an atmosphere akin to the “frozen pond” – come on out and enjoy the fun. Practice your stick-handling, skating and shot.  Absolutely NO games or mini games are allowed at any time on a stick & puck session.

HELMET REQUIRED FOR ALL, FULL CAGE required for Under 18, hockey gloves, ice hockey stick and skates is all that is needed. Max 35 skaters. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PUCK…we do not supply pucks for these sessions.