The Legend of Weetermeist

The story of Weetermeist goes back a long, long time ago, when there lived a great migratory clan of furry creatures roaming around a big, icy world. They were proud, strong and loved the cold. They loved the ice and celebrated, danced and played on it as much as they could.


According to legend, the world started to get warmer and when that happened, the clan’s numbers began to decline. They were forced to travel thousands of miles to find colder places to live. It turned out that some of these furry animals migrated to the Stockholm, New Jersey area, where they could be seen out and about sliding around the lakes and ponds. Among this group was Weetermeist, a cuddly critter who really enjoyed having fun all day long.


One day, Weetermeist stumbled across a place that looked extra friendly — Skylands ICE World! It was a place filled with children laughing, playing and even sliding on ice that was….INDOORS! A place full of fun and healthy activities that was as appealing to Weetermeist as they were to kids and adults. It was so cold and icy at Skylands that he wanted to stay there all the time. What better place to have tons of fun?


Finally, Weetermeist found a place to call home! One night he snuck through the doors of Skylands Ice World and was discovered slipping and sliding happily around the ice. He couldn’t believe just how wonderful it was to be there. Rather than ask him to leave, the folks at Skylands invited him to stay! Even better, Skylands, the best place to Come to Play, decided to make him part of the team as the new Ambassador of Fun!


Today, Weetermeist is part of the Skylands family. He’s always ready to join in the fun and make new friends. Make sure you say hi and spend some time playing with Weetermeist. So Come to Play at Skylands and you’ll be glad you did – and he will be, too!

Weetermeist loves to entertain at birthday parties, events, family celebrations or your place of business. For pricing details and to schedule, contact Anne by email or phone at:

973-697-1600 x122!